Instantly get your photos taken in events

Few students used us to get their precious graduation photos.
Look what they've said.
There is no need anymore to meet photographers to obtain your photos.
Hannah, Minneapolis USA
I just showed my face to the camera and it found my photos. I didn’t expect that!
Melanie, Chicago USA
“I instantly reached my photo with in a minute. Then shared it on social media.”
Allie, Seattle USA
“ I didn't realise that I have too many photos that I couldn't get before using this service.”
Sayed, Boston USA

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Why Reminis?

Reminis needs to see your live face to give you your photo.

Help her get to find you.

Reminis only uses your face one time to find your photos. 

Your data will be encrypted during the process and will not be stored.

Download and use photos that have your face. 

Reach anytime and never lose your precious memories.

    How does it work?

We give you your photos in a private way. 

Instantly reach your photos taken by Photographers.
 Reach your memories anytime anywhere. 
Get a one-time notification if your photo is later.

No event name, QR code, album name etc.. needed.

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